Story About Contract Inflation, Variation At FCTA/FCDA False – Investigation

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A Social media post trended recently about alleged illegal variations and inflation of some contracts of the FCTA/FCDA.


Our correspondent took time out to investigate the allegations contained in the Social media post. Credible sources in the FCTA/FCDA provided useful information which proved that the allegations were false and misleading.


Our correspondent gives a point by point explanation on each of the allegations below:


1. The Project referred to in Gaduwa is presumed to be the contract for the Emergency Rehabilitation/Improvement of Access Road to Nigeria Centre for Disease Control Laboratory in Gaduwa District. The contract was awarded to M/s CBC Global Civil & Building Construction Company Nigeria Limited at the sum of N2,493,389,942.88.

As the name implies it was an emergency contract due to the Covid-19 Pandemic and the need to quickly access the facilities for testing and treatment of infected persons. The scope of work comprises, Roadworks, Surface Water Drainage, Culverts and River Training. It is 2.4km long asphaltic concrete road. The project was completed on schedule and payment made in full.

The assertions of the author is therefore false.


2. On the issues of the contracts awarded at 10 Billion naira and later jacked up to N119 billion, no such contract exists in FCDA.


3. “Awarded Contract of N50 Billion later jacked up to N200 Billion” – FCTA/FCDA sources say this is strange to them and believed to be the figment of imagination of the writer.


4. “Award of contract of N6 Billion and later jacked up toN70 Billion”, Our sources in the FCTA/FCDA also revealed that they do not have such contract.


5. “Awarded Emergency Maintenance of Usman Dam at the cost of N9 Billion and paid in full without any BOQ and so many procurement infractions”.

Our credible sources revealed categorically that it is not true.

According to them, currently, the nature of works at the site demands emergency attention due to the fact that it can result to disruption of water supply to the city.

More so some of the Eletro-mechanical components required will have to be imported, so the procurement process is ongoing.

“But as we speak there is no payment yet on the works”, the source said.


6. “Left debt of over N1.2 Trillion to FCT without anything to show” – Our sources revealed that debts owed contractors working for the FCT Administration were debts accruing over a period of more than 20 years, spanning through several administrations and not wholly incurred during the last administration.


6. “Approval of green areas to residential houses and Converting Residential Houses in Wuse 2, Maitama Gana Street, Garki into Commercial in contrary to the Abuja Master Plan”. It was confirmed that the FCT / FCDA at no time condoled the abuse of the Master Plan. “However, if there is any infringement known to the Authority, necessary actions are always taken to correct such violations

Lawal AbdulSalam Olawale

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