Buhari commends 2 securitymen for returning bag of dollars

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President Muhammadu Buhari has asked Nigerians to emulate two security men who returned a handbag filled with valuables, including dollars, forgotten at the Murtala Muhammed Airport by an American returnee.

He said such conduct reflects the new Nigeria that we all desire.

A Lagos-based medical doctor, Banji Oyegbami, who runs Betta Hospital in Agege, had met a family returning from America at the airport on August 18. In the process of loading their luggage into his car, the handbag of the returnee’s wife fell, unknown to anyone.

It was not until 90 minutes later that an officer of Halogen Securities, on duty at the airport, called the couple, to come for the retrieved bag.

When the bag was eventually collected, the contents, including a handsome amount of American dollars, phone, wrist watch, and other valuables were intact. The grateful couple offered a generous gift, but Messrs Francis Emepueaku and Achi Daniel, declined, saying they were merely doing their duties.

President Buhari said that despite the scoffing of a minority number, Nigeria is resolutely on the road to a new dawn.

Dr. Banji Oyegbami of Betta Hospital Agege, reported the story of honesty by 2 men working for Halogen Securities

“Honesty remains the best policy. We must exhibit such behaviour in whatever position we find ourselves, whether high or low,” he submits.

“The security men could have chosen to behave differently, following the self-serving principle of ‘if you can’t beat them, join them.’ But they have chosen to be examples of good, honest Nigerians. I commend their conduct to the rest of the country.”

The President urged Nigerians to bring out the best in themselves at all times, noting that with such minds, they can never be hoodwinked again by those who seek power for selfish and dubious reasons, and return the country to an inglorious past.

“Nigeria will no longer be a byword for corruption and plundering of public resources. That is the path we have chosen to take, and our country will eventually get to a new shore,” President Buhari affirmed.

Read Dr. Oyegbami’s post that triggered President Buhari’s Reaction:


I am Dr Banji Oyegbami, a Medical practitioner in Lagos. The following story is my practical experience at Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Lagos yesterday night 18th August 2018.

As planned I went to the Airport with my driver to pick up my very close friend and his wife that arrived from Atlanta USA on board Delta Airline.

I parked my car on the first floor of the New Multi level car park and walked briskly to wait for my guests in front of the Arrival hall. About an hour of waiting my friend and wife emerged from the entrance pushing the luggage trolley. I rushed forward to meet them and as expected exchanged pleasantries.

My driver immediately took over the trolley and we walk briskly to the car park chatting all along the way. We got there and started loading the bags into the boot of the vehicle. Instinctively Madam dropped her handbag on the floor while trying to help the driver with the loading. Loading done. the 4 of us jumped into the car and drove out of the Airport. But my friend’s wife forgot to pick her handbag.

We journeyed for about one and a half hour in terrible traffic without realizing this.

We were jolted when I received a phone call from the daughter of my friend
in America. She told us that she received a call via her mother’s number. The caller informed her that the owner of the phone forgot her bag at the Airport car park, and that we should turn back to collect it.

Biola Lawal

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