Educationist Urges Students to Blend Education with Skills to Succeed

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By Biola Lawal

KIYI, (Abuja FCT)  A budding Educationist, Hajia Hafsat-Lami Yakubu has urged the nation’s students to focus on developing peculiar talents and skills to excell in life.

Speaking in an interview with Flowerbudnews in Abuja on Sunday, Hafsat, who is the Headmistress of Aisha Islamic Schools (AIS), KIYI – Kuje, Abuja, said students should learn to harness their GOD-given capabilities to succeed.

Hafsat said ”students should be encouraged right from childhood to explore and recognise their talents, inherent skills and knowledge,”

”Blending learning with skills will positively transform students lives, helping them to bloom into distinguished valuable beings” the AIS Headmistress stated.

Hafsat said that parents and teachers must always guide pupils/students to activate their potential, adding that they should be made to put their talents to action.

“One of the ways of activating students potentials is making them believe in their ability and capability to do things, ” the AIS Headmistress stated.

Adressing students, Hafsat said, ”you will never be able to activate your potential (talent) if you are afraid of trying, for ; success is simply trying one more time when you fail”.

Listing what she called, ” keys to activating potentials”, Hafsat urged students to always ”Resist Imitation, which she described as ”the act of mimicking (copying) someone”.

”When you imitate people, you limit yourself. When you imitate, the only thing you can become is second best (a photocopy) try to develop yourself and become what you want to be,” the AIS Headmistress counseled.

Hafsat also urged students to always watch out for opportunities, saying, ”opportunity is a chance or time to do something, adding, ” You need opportunity in other to express your ability (potential).”

She urged students to always ”be conscious in order to know when there is an opportunity, saying, ”opportunity serves as one of the keys to activating your POTENTIAL.”

Pupils/Students should live each day proud of all the things they can do and not be stifled by all the things they can’t, Hafsat further counseled.

“When you resist imitation and watch out for opportunities you will be able to active your POTENTIAL”, the AIS Headmistress stated, adding; ”IMITATION IS LIMITATION!!!

Hafsat said that Aisha Islamic Schools (AIS) was founded on January 18, 2021 in KiYi village, Abuja to provide sound education, blended with good upbringing and essential religious training to nurture great leaders of tomorrow for Nigeria.

The school is scheduled to commence Junior Secondary School next week when public schools resume in the Federal Capital Territory for the 2022/2023 academic session. (Flowerbudnews)

Biola Lawal