Contributory Pension Scheme : Need For Impact Assessment -Olaopa

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Life becomes unbearable for retirees on contributory pension scheme, many go into penury– Ntufam.


He further explained that some retirees under the contributory pension scheme had children in schools but could not train them, coupled with those with graduate-children that were jobless and others with health challenges.


He, therefore, pleaded with Olaopa to lend his voice to their struggles in order for them to make life in retirement bearable for to achieve their objectives.


In her comment, a member of the Forum, Mrs. Fatima Jiddum Ahmed, said apart from Pension issues, welfare matters were also important to the Forum. According to her, the Forum has a pool of knowledgeable retired Directors with different professions in its fold.


She stated that many of the retirees were retired quite alright but they were not tired.


She emphasized that the group had a lot they could still contribute to the country, if given the opportunity.


She disclosed that the present organization’s interim Executives came on board immediately after the Forum was established in 2019, adding that the Forum was registered on the 24th August, 2020.

Lawal AbdulSalam Olawale

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