A Food For Thought – An American Writes about America 

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An American, Noctis Draven wrote on his public X Handle, a passionate piece about his country – It is big food for thought for Nigerians


By Noctis Draven

Flowerbudnews:  I am an American, and I of course love my home. In my followings and learning of geo-politics and general life experience I can say with great pain that our nation is in decline. I hear, read and see many Americans that agree, but for each American that recognizes and accepts there is a decline and something deeply wrong on a cultural, governmental and moral level, there are ten times the amount that are in denial.

Many Americans are shocked at the surge of support Russia is getting from Americans and westerners. They say things like, “If you love Russia so much, why not move there?” They also of course call us traitors and turncoats. The truth is, many of us are inspired by Russia 🇷🇺, not because we want to move there or sell our homeland out, but because we see what we could be, what is possible.

Russia represents a place where traditional values still exist, and are rewarded even. The Russian government actually incentivises for Russians to have children, something that would NEVER happen in the west or America. In America we are told there are too many people, that we are destroying the planet, climate change, and making more racist colonizers.

In fact abortion is promoted, careless sex and single family homes. The nuclear family, a man, woman, children is seen as outdated and oppressive. Schools teach lgbtq ideology and teaches students to hate themselves, their home and culture. That they should feel guilty and always apologetic.

We are taxed to death in the US, and the money they take does not go back into the country or people, it is used to give to Ukraine, Israel, and enrich the elites. Our borders remain open, flooded with people that are not made to assimilate or adopt our culture and ways, infact the opposite is encouraged, to change our land, religion, culture and replace our people.

Our politicians all owned, too busy trying to make enough money that the issues in our homeland does not affect them personally. Crime is rampant, our constitution and bill of rights is little more than a myth, a piece of paper, a work of fiction.

So yes, many of us have been drawn to Russia like a beacon in the night. Of course there are other lands that have similar traditional ways but Russia is the most similar with a strong and proud Christian people, so we look to Russia for hope, inspiration and we learn.

Arrogance and brainwashing is what keeps many Americans stuck in the loop that we are the, “greatest,” the, “strongest,” the, “richest.” In fact we place fist in almost no category, from economy to testing, education, safety, health, military, etc. We live like peasants but we are fed propaganda that the rest of the world is far behind us. We are free range humans in a delusion.

The truth is, we should not be waring or fighting with Russia, we should not be enemies, we should be taking lessons. Only the arrogant and foolish think they have nothing to learn and can’t be wrong. My position is simple, Russia is an ancient land and people, America is a newborn in the grand scheme of time. Are we so foolish that we think we have nothing to learn from a people and land that has existed for thousands of years? A people and land that enjoys a quality of life we only dream of?

We are failing, we are in decline, we should not be fighting Russia, we should be emulating them.
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