Enugu recorded 480 fire incidents, saved properties worth N115 billion in 2023 – Ohaa

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By Flowerbudnews

Enugu: The Enugu State Fire and Rescue Service recorded 480 incidents and saved properties worth N115,250,540,000 in 2023.


The Director, Enugu State Fire and Rescue Service, Engr. Okwudiri Ohaa, said this on Sunday while reeling out the 2023 performance, noting that 12 lives were also saved during the period.


Ohaa said that in the breakdown, the service attended to 121 incidents in January, 80 in February, 23 in March, 34 in April, 29 in May, and 23 in June.


The others are 20 fire incidents in July, 20 in August, 18 in September, 23 in October, 16 in November, and 61in December.


The director said that on the category level, the service attended to 279 building fire incidents, 48 bushfires, 28 vehicle fires, eight fuel station fire incidents, 17 market fire incidents, and four gas fire incidents.


He said the rest are 12 direct human victims rescue incidents, two dumpster fire incidents, eight stand-by fire incidents, seven extinguished fire on arrival after calls, 13 false calls and 32 other forms of incidents uncategorised.


Ohaa said the service had a successful 2023 service delivery to the people of Enugu State.


He, however, said it was unfortunate that they lost Chigozie Ugwu, a senior fire officer, in the line of duty in 2023.


“Chigozie Ugwu, an exceptional and dedicated officer, died while fighting a fire outbreak at motor spare parts market, Coal Camp, Enugu, on December 13,” he said.


The director explained that the incidents in December, January and February had remained high due to the weather and atmospheric Flowerbudnews

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