Breaking: As Truce Holds, Hamas Leader Issues Official Statement

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Khaled Meshaal:

If the Algerians, Afghans, and Vietnamese listened to the advocates of defeatism who demanded that we surrender, Algeria, Afghanistan, and Vietnam would not have been liberated from colonialism and occupation.

The Al-Aqsa flood inflicted on the occupation psychologically, militarily, and intelligence-wise, and this defeat will be complete soon, God willing.

Oct 7th proved that the terrorist Zionist occupation can be defeated, and it has awakened awareness throughout the world about the justice of the Palestine issue.

The occupation appeared for its barbaric nature when turned into a raging bull that brutalized innocent people and targeted schools, hospitals, mosques, churches, and all aspects of life in our beloved Strip, Gaza.

Why does the Arab & Islamic nation not unite around the resistance? Western countries also rallied to support the Zionist occupation.

After 49 years of terrorist Zionist aggression, the resistance is fine, despite the martyrs among the fighters and some leaders, but our tunnels, ammunition, and weapons are still intact, and we are still able to maneuver, launch missiles, and target invading tanks.

We follow the example of our noble Messenger when he was besieged in the Battle of the Trench and heralding the conquest of the lands of the Romans and Persia.

Our heroic fighters turned tanks that cost millions and are equipped with the latest technology into a “farce,” with a small package attached to their back door and killing the cowards inside.

Hamas leaders lost dozens of their families during the aggression, and we bid farewell to the acting Speaker of the Legislative Council, Dr. Habib, the martyr Ahmed Bahr, and the representative in the Legislative Council, the martyred sister, Jamila Al-Shanti.

The terrorist Zionist occupation failed to achieve its declared goals of eliminating Hamas and displacing the entire population of the Gaza Strip, and the majority of the population of the north remained in the north despite everything that our great steadfast north is exposed to.

Some Western politicians are discussing Gaza after Hamas, and I say to them, save your time, your imagination, and your dreams, and within years, God willing, you will discuss the situation of the region after “Israel.”

We reject the participation of any international or Arab forces in the administration of Gaza, and all these plans will be trampled upon by our heroes in the resistance, led by our victorious Al-Qassam Brigades.

On the first day, we expressed readiness to release detained civilians. Because the objectives of the battle did not include taking them; the circumstances of the battle, after the collapse of the occupation’s Gaza division, led to this, and we released some detainees.

When we saw the brutality of the terrorist aggression, we said we must run this card; And serve the civilians in Gaza and relieve them.

The truce achieved the release of children and women from Zionist occupation prisons, a temporary cessation of aggression, and humanitarian relief for Gaza.

The temporary truce sparked controversy within the entity about the controversy of war that wanted to eliminate Hamas, and then they were forced to negotiate with it indirectly to exchange detained children and women.

Gaza must be supported militarily, and the nation must not be spectators and must contribute to the outcome of the battle.

We thank everyone who participated in supporting Gaza militarily, and everyone who asked us about the extent of our satisfaction with the participation of some parties, we answer the question: What did you participate in?

Gaza must be supported financially and humanitarian, and the political, popular, and public pressure movement must be escalated to stop the aggression.

We showed Israel as it is, weak as a spider’s web, in need of someone to protect it, in addition to its illusory ability to protect others or fight wars on their behalf (Flowerbudnews (

Biola Lawal

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