Cleric reminds Christians on transiency of life, wants all to pursue eternity

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By Flowerbudnews

Enugu: A cleric, Very Rev. Fr. Christian Onuoha, has reminded Christians on the transiency of life and need for all to work towards attaining eternity.


Onuoha said this on Friday in a homily at St. Cyril Catholic Church, Egede in Udi Local Government Area of Enugu State.


The homily was delivered at the burial of Lady Grace Ndibuagu (Ezinna Oha), a major pillar of the Catholic Church in Enugu State, who dead at the age of 84.

Onuoha noted that no man should lose focus of eternity notwithstanding how we daily work for our living.


According to him, we should pursue our daily livelihood with some moderation and not to lose focus on the main thing, which is eternity.


“The present life we are living is transient and due to how short it is; we have to be more focus on making a good place for our eternity in Heaven with God.

“It is true we have to work daily for a living; however, we have to do it with moderation and ensure we are conscious of our righteous, good work and charity leading to eternity.

“All these material things and acquisitions end here on earth within our short life-span as humans.


“We must put this at the back of our minds, if we are wise,” he said.


The cleric also urged all to emulate Lady Ndibuagu’s commitment to the growth of the Church and care of the needy.

Responding, Prof. Eddy Ndibuagu, one of the sons of the deceased, described his mother as devoted Christian, virtuous woman and someone generous.


“Her charity and giving to the less privileged and people around her is exception.


“Her demise is not only felt by children and mentees but also everyone within her neighborhood,” he said.


Ndibuagu, a professor of community medicine and clinic research, thanked all that left their businesses and endeavour to be with the family for the burial.


“I pray that God in his bountiful mercy will give you safe trip to your destinations and strengthen you with sound health, Amen,” he added. (Flowerbudnews)

Biola Lawal

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