Nigerian Engineer Develops Unique Software for Comprehensive Digitalisation of School Operations

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By Biola Lawal

Abuja (Flowerbudnews):  A budding Nigerian Software Engineer, Engr. Bashir Sani has developed a unique software, NAITS Automated School Management System (NAITS-ASMS) for digitalisation of all facets of the operations of private schools.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Flowerbudnews on Thursday in Abuja, Engr. Bashir Sani described the innovational NAITS-ASMS as user-friendly, cost-effective, and scalable.

The Software Engineer said that NAITS-ASMS, developed by his ICT company, New Age IT Solutions (NAITS) had unique and comprehensive applications and features that made it very suitable for Modern City Schools as well as Schools in the rural communities.

(Contacts: 0803 404 9619.  0703 344 8148 and 08035550938

” We deliberately made NAITS-ASMS affordable and moderately priced as an indigenous technology and as part of our contributions to the achievement of a sound educational system for our children,” Engineer Sani said

The Software Engineer disclosed that some of the very unique features of NAITS-ASMS is its capability to integrate parents and other stakeholders of schools into the platform.

””When PARENTS are configured on the platform, they can login from the comfort of their homes, offices etc to monitor the academic performance of their children” Engr. Bashir Sani stated

(Contacts: 0803 404 9619.  0703 344 8148 and 08035550938

”School Owners, Managements, parents, teachers and other relevant stakeholders can function seamlessly on NAITS-ASMS on their mobile phones,:’ Engr Sani said.

He explained that ”the driving force behind the creation of our innovative NAITS Automated School Management System originated from a strong aspiration to make technology accessible and affordable for modern and grassroots communities. ”

Engr Bashir Sani said: ”this vision took root during my time as a committed schoolteacher in 2014.,” adding,. ”at the heart of this endeavor was the realization that existing school software were often exorbitantly priced, rendering them inaccessible to the average Nigerian school.

(Contacts: 0803 404 9619.  0703 344 8148 and 08035550938

‘:Moreover, these solutions were not tailored to the smaller screen sizes of mobile phones, limiting their reach and practicality.

Witnessing the transformative impact of an automated result processing application within the school, which seamlessly integrated student passports, school logos, form master signatures, continuous assessment scores, and other essential computations into concise A4-sized reports, I was inspired to revolutionize the educational technology landscape,”, he stated.

Contacts: 0803 404 9619.  0703 344 8148 and 08035550938

‘:Our NAITS-ASMS not only streamlines administrative tasks, but also alleviates the burden of manual report generation, which often proved to be error-prone and time-consuming for educators., ‘ the Software Engineer explained.

Engr Bashir said further; ”by developing a user-friendly, cost-effective, and scalable platform, we are committed to empowering educational institutions across Nigeria, enabling them to harness the full potential of technology in their daily operations”.

Contacts: 0803 404 9619.  0703 344 8148 and 08035550938
It is imperative to emphasize that over time, NAITS ASMT has undergone significant evolution, expanding its scope beyond result processing to encompass comprehensive teacher and student record management, along with efficient school accounting management.

(Contacts: 0803 404 9619.  0703 344 8148 and 08035550938

‘Join us in embracing a seamless and efficient educational management experience with NAITS Automated School Management Technology,” the Engineer urged school.owners (Flowerbudnews)

Biola Lawal

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