Tech Entrepreneur, Stephanie Obi to help Africans Monetize their Knowledge with Latest Tech Platform

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From vlogging everyday life experiences to shopping for groceries online and even getting a university degree from the comfort of your living room, technology is constantly changing the way we work and live. Knowledge is bounced off from one time zone to another in nanoseconds, creating a level playing field for everyone who can access the internet. However, this ability to share knowledge and solutions online often comes with the price of being tech-savvy or having the resources to pay someone, which could cost so much time and money.

Thanks to Nigerian techpreneur Stephanie Obi, this is about to change with a new digital platform, Train Quarters which she created with the aim of solving an age-long problem faced by modern content providers. According to Obi, Train Quarters which is the first of its kind in Africa, is an online course platform that makes it easy for Africans to create and sell online courses. “The beauty of this is, you don’t need to be tech-savvy to use the platform!” she said.

On the platform’s simplicity and ease of use, Obi added that “after working with over 200 women to create their online courses, we noticed a trend – The Tech! The tech is very scary. It is overwhelming and many times people feel stuck and disappointed. Many of them wanted to impact lives but they gave up because of the tech. We saw them struggling which was hard to watch so we decided to help them make it easier.”

From creating, marketing and selling courses to building a website, email list, blogpost hosting, etc. while taking away the stress and extra costs of going through a time consuming process, the platform is said to contain everything needed to launch an online course. The all-in-one platform grants users access to online courses at a discounted rate – rather than paying for different platforms – along with the assistance of the support team to enlighten and guide one through the process.

According to Obi, whilst the platform was created with different plans for those who wish to teach their knowledge and expertise online, it also allows users to create and own their own websites, grow their online community as well as offers a simplified payment method. “On September 19, 2019 we will officially launch TrainQuarters and do a live demo for guests to see the solution we have created to provide a level playing field for Africans” an excited Obi revealed. According to her, further details about the platform and also how to attend this free event will be on

You can also visit the platform to watch the tutorial video and request an invitation to see how you too can monetize your knowledge.

Lara Olaniyi

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