Public Complaints Commission moves to solve deluge of complaints in pension sector

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Public Complaints Commission (PCC)  Boss,  Barr Chille Igbawua has began moves for effective resolution of a barrage of complaints to the commission by aggrieved Nigerians.

Igbawua who spoke at a PTAD programme in Lagos said that “despite the various reforms in the pension sector in recent past, the Commission is still besieged by a deluge of complaints of delay, stoppage and non-payment of pensions”.

The Chief Commissioner emphasised that PCC  “is vested with wide powers to inquire into complaints by members of the public concerning the administrative actions of any public authority and companies or their officials, and other matters ancillary thereto”.

Igbawua noted the various types of complaints the Commission handled included delay and non-payment of pensions and gratuities in both the public and private sectors.

He said that the Commission had for a long time been in collaboration with PTAD and had been involved in most its activities.

Igbawua disclosed that “between 2016 and 2017 the Commission has received and investigated a total of two thousand, three hundred and forty nine (2349) complaints.”

The Chief Commissioner said that  “from the experience of the Commission, the old pension system was characterized with the following problems; inadequate funding, political control of the public sector pension, pension payment default by state governments, flaws in pension record and disbursement and tardiness in pension disbursement. Unfortunately, some of these problems still persist.

“This goes to show that there is still much to be done to reform the pension sector.

“For this reason, the Commission is proposing to embark on a Systemic Investigation /Review of the Pension Sector with particular reference to the Direct Benefit Scheme (DBS).

“This would involve the Commission doing an in depth research and holding an open forum with all stakeholders in the Pension Sector.

Flowerbud News recalls that Igbawua was appointed early this year as the Honourable Chief Commissioner of Nigeria’s Ombudsman with a challenge to boost the operations of the Commission and delivery of its crucial mandate to Nigerians (FB News)


Biola Lawal

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