Princess Diana: Old Trump interviews surface online, cause uproar

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US President Donald Trump. PHOTO: REUTERS

Old transcripts and audios of Donald Trump interviews with radio host Howard Stern recently surfaced online, sparking outrage.

Talks between the current US president and Stern ranged from crude talk about celebrities to their sex lives. In a 1997 interview, the duo disrespected recently deceased Princess Diana with Stern suggesting that Trump “could have nailed” her and the latter agreeing.

Referring to an earlier discussion where Trump said he required women to go through an HIV test before he sleeps with them. “I wouldn’t say I do this, but you could send lots of people you really like to the doctor before you ever get to know them,” Trump suggests.

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Responding to Stern when he asks how Trump would get Lady Diana, known for her philanthropic work, to the doctor, the US president says he would tell her: “Go back over to my Lexus, because I have a new doctor. We wanna give you a little checkup.”

Trump then goes on to pass crude remarks on the British royal, Beyonce and Britney Spears.

This not the first time the US president has been caught on record making derogatory comments about women. During the 2016 US election campaign, Trump was criticised for lewd remarks he made during the filming of the show Access Hollywood.

This article originally appeared in The Washington Post.

Culled from The Tribune Express

Biola Lawal