Mass defection: APC flushing out bad eggs -Doguwa

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Member of House of Representatives for Doguwa/ Tudun Wada constituency of Kano State, Hon Alhassan Ado Doguwa, has described defections as conventional and tradition.

He said it meant that selfish politicians and some leaders could not bring any development to the people, adding that as long as a politician could dance to the tune of the people he represents, he/she has nothing to fear.

Hon Doguwa  said without fear or contradiction that  whoever is behind these defections has either lost contact with his constituency or   lost focus or directions as to what he should do to justify what he has done for the past three years of this administration.

These are people who are desperate and can be described as political prostitutes who have specialized in moving from one party to another in search for impossible mandates. Though they complained of being aggrieved but Hon Doguwa disagreed and said nobody is aggrieved because during the convention non was deprived of contesting for all the available positions, it was the same during the local government elections so also at the state convention the complaints they made was masterminded.

Insisting on the national convention trior, Doguwa asserted that, the Sokoto state Governor was there with his full cotangent, the same was Kwara state Governor and Bukula Saraki’s men were all over including the publicity secretary who is from Kwara was also there with his men so what are they aggrieved of, they just want to undermine the President with their ulterior motives but will not get it right this time unlike when we moved from PDP to APC which was in the spirit of commitments, patriotism and nationalistic.

“What is happening in APC now is flushing out bad eggs, bad elements as well as dirt for the party to be healthier and gather the momentum for 2019 general elections. So, the party is purging to get these greedy politicians out of the system.

“The party will be stronger. Remember, while these politicians defect, others from the opposition camps are also trooping into APC.  So is the game; we have nothing to lose.

” Moreover with the current defections the APC remained the comfortable members at the Senate and House of Reps the only thing that we may perhaps cry of is when we lose in the elections which is not possible, that is when voters turn against us but voters of Muhammad Buhari are still together waiting to display their natural love for him and I can assure you they will not let him down”, he said.

To this end, the lawmaker vowed that there will be no reconciliation whatsoever after offering all hands for consideration and they turned them down forgotten that PDP will produce only one Presidential candidate.

He said the number of those jostling for Presidency in PDP will create crisis, pointing pot that President Buhari has made his mark trying to turn round the fortune of this country.

‘No political party or individual politician will be spared a room to truncate the efforts of Mr. President”, Hon. Doguwa said.


Biola Lawal

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