Kemi Adeosun NYSC Saga: Yoruba Ronu lambasts Media, PDP

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Kemi Adeosun NYSC Saga: Yoruba Ronu lambasts Media, PDP

By Esbee Oguns
Yoruba Ronu Leadership Forum, a socio-political group from the Southwest lambasts Premium Times and People’s Democratic Party (PDP) for alleging Mrs Kemi Adeosun, Finance Minister, of forging NYSC Exemption letter,which NYSC recently refuted in a press statement.

The group called for apology to the minister by the duo of Premium Times and PDP

Full statement below:


When the news broke, we were disturbed but we knew that most of our Youths handling matters bothering on investigations hardly take quality time to find out before rushing to judgement. That was exactly what took place in the fraud alert made by premium times that failed test of proof.

It failed at its first moment because the critical step and and the only one that can lead and connect to all other steps were completely ignored by Premium Times out of mischief.

The presence of recorded entry in the NYSC register confirming that the letter cum application for the request for an exemption from national service had been found. This development therefore connotes appropriately that Mrs Kemi ADEOSUN did applied through the proper channel which is from the NYSC and from no other vendor if any.

It is now in the NYSC court to investigate itself and not Kemi Adeosun who had satisfied the procedure by applying officially. The Premium Times must scold their reporters or have them retrained to meet up with quality standard of investigating and reporting.

Needful apology must be given to the Honourable Minister Mrs Kemi ADEOSUN without any further delay by the premium times management if they still have any modicum of shame.

The PDP National Chairman as an elder in the land must watch his tongue by tasting his words before spitting them out. His call for arrest and prosecution made by him or whoever, does not flow from commonsense. Both the National Chairman of People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and its National publicity Secretary should have shown a bit of restraint in their hurried but foolish judgement when allegations of such nature and to such calibre of person had not been investigated by lawful authorities.

The duo must move away from making inconvenient and ill use of words in their own private meditations. They must remember that language being the great conduit whereby men convey their discoveries, reasonings, and knowledge from one to another cannot be abused arrogantly, an ill use of it, though may not corrupt the fountain of knowledge but it can break, stop the pipes through which it is distributed to the public.

In future, PDP managers should adopt silence as better than nonsense on matters not properly investigated.
Honourable Minister Mrs Kemi ADEOSUN will do well to accept apology if properly given only.
Akin Malaolu
Secretary General.

Biola Lawal

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