Indian actress arrested for printing fake currency at home

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An Indian TV actress along with her mother and sister have been charged with printing counterfeit currency at their home to bear the losses they were hit by.

According to Gulf News, Surya Sasikumar has appeared in several serials aired by Kerala-based TV channels.

Local police said that they managed to recover an entire printing facility at their house.

Moreover, two more accomplices were also apprehended while taking the total number of arrests to eight.

All of the nabbed persons have been remanded to judicial custody.

7 arrested for smuggling counterfeit currency

“We were able to recover about Rs2oo,ooo counterfeit notes… We have seized papers, printers and other materials used to print counterfeit notes. It was stocked at their residence to print notes worth Rs5 million,” a police spokesperson said.

Authorities traced a team of professionals in Idukki, who were engaged in the activity, who led them to the actress and her family.

The entire group was functioning as a “well-knit team”.

“The actress and her family have admitted that they were into this business of printing counterfeit notes since September last year,” he added.

The actress and her family suffered a sudden loss in their business from unexpected quarters and were in trouble ever since.

The article originally appeared in Gulf News

Biola Lawal

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