House of Reps aspirant decries cash for votes

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Suleiman Umar, an aspirant for the House of Representatives seat in Bida/Gbako/Katcha Local Government Areas in Niger State has decried the practice of enticing voters with money.

Umar made the disapproval during a meeting with his campaign coordinators.

He urged them to conceptualise his visions and mission so that they would be able to translate them to the electorates.

Umar said that one of his visions was to take Bida/Gbako/Katcha federal constituency to appreciable level in terms of economic, educational and infrastructural development through effective legislations which formed parts of his campaign manifesto.

“I am not desperate for power but only worried about the situation of his people.

“The reason I am vying for the seat of House of Representative is to change the situation and to move forward in terms of peace and development, we must desist from money politics.

“One of the reasons why our development is at a snail’s speed is because some of us have sold our conscience to some unscrupulous politicians.

“The implication is that the electorate will not have any right to ask the representatives questions, therefore, we must not repeat the mistakes of the past.”

The aspirant vowed not to condone the ideology of money politics no matter the situation but admitted that one must spend money on politics for logistics.

According to him, to buy votes means mortgaging the future of children and those yet unborn.

He also warned the electorates not to fall for tricks of some politicians who dropped names by deceiving them into believing that they were the anointed candidate of the government.

“ If they come to tell you that, ask them what they can do for the progress of your society, doing that would secure the future of their children,’’  he said.

Umar urged his coordinators to also sensitise the electorates who had registered and yet to obtain their PVCs to do so.

He said that those who had yet to register should do that as a matter of urgency, as the INEC closed registration on Aug. 17, 2018.

Biola Lawal

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