Dabiri-Erewa urges Nigerians in Diaspora to support Buhari in anti corruption fight

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By Isaac Aregbesola
The Special Assistant to the President Muhammadu Buhari on Foreign Affairs and Diaspora, Mrs Abike Dabiri-Erewa has urged Nigerians in Diaspora to support the president in his fight against corruption.

Dabiri Erewa made the call in Abuja on Saturday at a meeting with the Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation (NIDO) led by its chairman, Mr Obed Monago.

The presidential aide said the present administration needs the support of everybody in the fight championed by Buhari to restore the glory of the nation.

“All I have to tell you is that we have an administration that is determined to change the situation in Nigeria for the better and the president is doing that.

“Though everything is not perfect, as there are still challenges but the good thing is that Nigeria is on track.

“You all come from various countries where corruption is being tackled because there are structures, there is order and there is discipline,” she said.

According to her, corruption is thriving in Nigeria not because of poverty or because people are greedy but because there are no sanctions and the country is a place where you get away with anything.

“President Buhari is trying to stop that, it is a strong battle, but it is a battle we need to encourage and support him to continue and to win.

“He ensures that the nation’s funds are truly spent on the people of Nigeria, now in Nigeria we have the Treasury Single Account (TSA) where every revenue goes into federation account,” she said

According to her, in the past agencies were just using the money the way they like and of course it will reflect in the subsequent budget.

“Of course, we know we have many issues in the area of corruption.

“It is strong a battle, but it is a battle that we must win, I urged you to encourage Nigerians to support the president in the battle against corruption,” she said.

She said Buhari had also made the issue of doing business in the country easier through the ease of doing business scheme which she said was to encourage Foreign Direct Investment.

“You all talk about coming home to do businesses; we have been working on that in Nigeria as you know we rise higher in the ease of doing business now.

“Though it is not yet perfect, but there is progress, it is slow and steady we may not get there is a year or two but we will get there,” she said.

Responding, Monago said the organisation was willing to work with the Federal Government to improve the country’s economic situation.

He stressed that NIDO had been repositioned to assist government and make things work better in the country.

“The knowledge we have in the Diaspora we will bring it back home, the resources we have will be brought back home.

“We are committed to that, once they give us the cooperation we will make things happen,” he said.

He commended Dabiri-Erewa for her initiative and her willingness to work with the organisation.(NAN)
Edited by Ali Inuwa

Biola Lawal

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