2019: Bafarawa picks PDP presidential nomination form

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Alhaji Attahiru Bafarawa, former Sokoto governor on Wednesday, obtained the nomination form from the headquarters of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) to run for President.

Bafarawa is the first to pick the nomination form among many other PDP gladiators who are interested in the position.

Speaking after picking the form, Bafarawa expressed confidence that he was the right person to hold the office of President given his antecedents and experience.

“I am aspiring for the leadership of this country not for the sake of personal interest, I have done it before when I was a governor in Sokoto State for eight years.

“As a democrat who has been in politics for the last forty years, I have been a party council chairman, a local government council deputy chairman, rose to the state chairman of NRC of Sokoto, Zamfara and Kebbi and a member of  constitutional conference:

“I served eight years as a governor, acting national chairman of ANPP for almost 12 and half years, I conducted convention where we produced current President Muhammadu Buhari under my leadership of ANPP, I think I have what it takes to vie for this position,” he said.

He added that he has been a successful businessman and as such understands what it means to be a leader and a manager.

He assured the PDP that he would always respect the Party’s constitution because he relises that even if he wins the election, he is still only an agent of the party.

He went on to buttress his earlier position that once the party primary is conducted in a fair manner, he would accept whatever result that comes from it.

“Am assuring you if there is going to be transparency true leadership of good convention, I believe every one of us will accept whatever outcome of the convention.

“We are all one, forget about the numbers of all aspirants, we are brothers, we are partners in progress of the great party and also the nation.

“Therefore am assuring you we the aspirants we are one and we are members of the PDP and we are going to work as one to get this government out of office.

Reacting to questions from newmen on the number of aspirants in the PDP, Bafarawa said that he was not concerned but was encouraged.

He said that the number of aspirants in the PDP demonstrates that the party was a democratic and free party where people were allowed to aspire, unlike other parties that did not give room for multiple aspirants.

“Honestly speaking is giving us encouragement that is to show that our party is democratic party, it is popular party acceptable party by Nigerians that is why people are aspiring more to join the party.

“Unlike other party that is not democratic party where they have only one man show so is very encouraging to all of us who are aspiring for this seat, we are brothers, we family, we are the same father the same mother, our ambition is to get rid of APC,” he said.

Biola Lawal

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