2018 Budget: NIM boss expresses concern over alterations

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Mr Olukunle Iyanda, President, Nigeria Institute of Management (NIM), on Thursday expressed concern over the alteration of the budget by the National Assembly.

Iyanda said this while speaking with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos.

According to him, the National Assembly has made the public to perceive it as an obstacle to the budget process.

He said a more agreeable budget was expected after the delay which had put on hold activities across all the sectors of the economy.

Iyanda said the National Assembly had presented itself as a rival to the Executive.

“The NASS is being perceived as a rival that sets itself up as an impediment and obstacle to the successful implementation of the plans and projects of the government.

“It is an act which may be received by the people to be an abuse of its power, of approval of the budget,” said Iyanda.

He explained that projects such as roads, electricity, and security which were of benefit to majority of the citizens must be top priority in any budget planning and execution.

He urged the National Assembly to be service conscious and consistently work with the interest of the people at heart.

“Anything short of this is self-serving of the NASS and against the interest of the people.

According to him, the National Assembly must not be seen as one that swims against the tide of decentralisation as the responsibilities of government are spread across all levels of governance.

The NIM President said the President Muhammadu Buhari should not have signed the budget having observed the abnormalities contained in it.

He, however, commended the intention of the President to seek remedy on some critical issues through a supplementary budget. (NAN)

Biola Lawal

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