COVID-19: NAFDAC Issues Cautionary Regulatory Controls

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The Agency wishes to assure the public that it remains committed to safeguarding public health and executing its mandate by ensuring that regulated products – Food, Drug, Medical Devices, Cosmetics, Packaged water, Chemical and detergent meet set standards of Quality, Safety, Efficacy and Wholesomeness.


The Coronavirus pandemic as declared by the World Health Organization (WHO), calls for us all to be mindful and ensure that measures are in place to keep ourselves and others safe from the Coronavirus by doing little things to stay safe, e. g.

  1. Washing of hands with soap as often as is possible
  2. Use of hand sanitizers where there is no water for hand washing.
  3. Avoid touching your face
  4. Cough into tissue and dispose responsibly
  5. Avoid shaking hands with or hugging people
  6. Keep safe distance from people
  7. As much as possible, Stay home.


Being mindful of our regulatory obligations, we have put controls in place to ensure continued work process while also ensuring adequate protection of our staff and clients. Therefore the following would apply:

  1. Expedited/emergency approvals for products necessary and critical to support our response to the pandemic.
  2. There will be limited Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) inspections for local facilities at this time.
  3. Currently, the conduct of GMP of foreign facilities cannot be undertaken due to the pandemic and the current travel restriction on international travels for public officers.
  4. Applications for registration of products deemed to have urgent public health impact will be processed and given conditional and limited approvals.
  5. All regulatory processes will continue and the Agency remains operational with restricted access in place and a request that stakeholders engage relevant directorates via email and other electronic platforms, which are functional.


The situation is fast evolving and we will continue to monitor and adjust our responses accordingly. For further information, please visit our website Again we urge all to keep safe.




Director General

Prof Moji Adeyeye, PhD, FAS

Lara Olaniyi