Exclusive: Revival of Idol Worshipping in Yorubaland, Aregbesola’s Evil Legacy – Former Aide

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By Iyiola Olalere

Oshogbo (Flowerbudnews):   The resurgence of Idol Worshipping with its accompanying ritualism and fetishism, currently ravaging Yorubaland is the handwork of former Osun Governor, Rauf Aregbesola.

A former close associate of the former governor, who preferred anonymity, made the declaration in an interview with Flowerbudnews in Oshogbo on Wednesday.

The source, who worked with Aregbesola throughout his eight-year tenure as Governor of Osun state, described Aregbesola as someone who ”is more if an idolator at heart than a muslim”.

He recalled that as governor, ”Aregbesola was always more relaxed at functions of Idol worshippers than Muslim or Christian activities”.

The close associate of Aregbesola pointed that the former governor’s ”’glorification of orunmila etc with symbol of idolatry as his logo should have warned well-meaning people of Osun of a dubious religiosity”.

He pointed out that ”perhaps, Aregbesola’s Islam was a mere camouflage, as he inclined more to Idol worshippers”.

A Muslim scholar, Ustaz AbdulAziz Yakub, who commented on the surging problem of Idol Worshipping in Osun state in an interview with Flowerbudnews in Oshogbo, noted that the menace was now extending from Osun to other states in Yorubaland,

He commended the people of Kwara state for their resilience in resisting the attempt to extend revival of Idol Worshipping to the state.

”Everyone who believe in GOD know that Idol Worshipping is a degradation of the high status that GOD gave man over all of HIS other creations”, he stated.

”How can a sane educated man be promoting the idea of man bowing down and worshiping stone, rivers, iron, thunder etc that are all subservient to man by GOD’s design, Ustaz Yakub said.

He urged former Governor Aregbesola to ”repent and beg ALLAH for forgiveness,” adding that the former governor ”must also start to speak openly against idol worshiping and its accompanying fetism and ritualism – including possible human killing for rituals and fetishism”

A Christian Evangelist, Pastor Adewole Adejare who also spoke with Flowerbudnews in Oshogbo on resurgence of Idol worship in Osun state, dismissed Former Gov. Aregbesola’s popular defence that he was promoting it as ”traditional religion’,,

Pastor Adejare pointed that ”Aregbesola’s re-energising of Idol Worshipping in the name of culture was like taking our people back to the dark ages before the messages of the true GOD came to liberate and civilise our people”,

It will be recalled that former Governor Aregbesola had, on several occasions, explained that he was just trying to be fair by giving more recognition to the traditional religion in Osun state.

He had defended the now annual ‘Isese’ day holiday he approved for idol worshippers in Osun state, justifying by saying that various holidays were also being enjoyed by adherents of other religions.

It will be recalled that Aregbesola had introduced the First of Muharram holiday for Muslims in the early days of his administration in Osun state. (Flowerbudnews)

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