Nigeria postal service generates N3.01bn in 2022

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The total revenue generated from postal activities in 2022 dropped from N3.63 billion in 2021 to N3.01 billion in 2022, indicating a decline of about 17.05 per cent.
The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) stated in its Postal Service Data for 2022 released in Abuja on Tuesday.

The report said the total number of Post Offices and Postal Agencies declined by 19.43 per cent from 2,794 recorded in 2021 to 2,251 in 2022.

It stated that the total number of boxes installed in 2022 was 836,731, indicating a decline of 0.08 per cent from 837,428 recorded in 2021.

The report said the total number of PMBs available in 2022 was 20,775, indicating a decline of 8.44 per cent from 22,689 recorded in 2021.

The NBS said the total number of postal articles handled in 2022 increased by 102.05 per cent from 17.7 million recorded in 2021 to 35.7 million in 2022.

“Domestic mail handled was 15,669,072, while mail dispatched abroad was 543,893 and mail received from abroad and delivered in Nigeria was 19,463,153.”

The report indicated that Lagos State had the highest number of boxes installed in 2022 with 143,416, while Jigawa recorded the least with 1,800.


Ibrahim Abusadiq

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