We won’t enforce anyone to adopt our religious traditions, El-Zakzaky says

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The Leader of the Islamic Movement, Sheikh Ibraheem El-Zakzaky (H), has said that the group would not enforce anyone from adopting their own religious traditions and belief.

El-Zakzay made the remark on Tuesday in a statement signed by Sheikh Sidi Munir Mainasara on behalf of the Islamic group in Abuja.

The statement, titled: “Arbaeen Commemoration: Why We Trek,” said that the Muslims, across the world, identify with the family members of the Holy Prophet(S) through the Arbaeen trek, and in answer to the call and cause of Imam Husain (AS) in Karbala.

“Today, not only in Nigeria or other places, but in Karbala, this Arbaeen commemoration has become the largest human gathering on earth with over 25 million people in attendance from various parts of the globe.

“Our trek on foot here in Nigeria is just another way of saying had it been there is a safe passage to Karbala from here, we would have marched to Karbala to pay homage to Imam Husain (AS) on this auspicious day.

“However, we are aware of the antagonism shown to us by some people because of this Arbaeen commemoration by trekking.

“We will like to echo what our leader, Sheikh Ibraheem El-Zakzaky(H), has been saying on many occasions in answer to our critics.

“He always said: ‘Those who oppose the trek should have come and asked us why we do what we do, and not to pass judgment on us over what they do not know.

“‘If you don’t like what we are doing, then keep your mouth shut, it is our legs we use to trek with, not yours.

“‘If you don’t like the black attire we wear, we put it on our bodies, not yours.

“‘We will never force you to trek or wear black clothes, until we do that keep your mouth shut,” Mainasara said, quoting El-Zakzaky.

According to him, im the absence of the savages Nigerian security agents who always attack us for no reason other than to please their foreign masters, last year’s Arbaeen trek ended oeacefully without recording casualties and no complain from the other highway users.

“Nobody should be afraid of our Arbaeen trek. Love for Imam Husain(as) is not the exclusive right of Muslims only, right from the gruesome attack on the Imam at Karbala, but for all those who love justice and fight against oppression in all ages, ours inclusive.

“That is why we once again welcome our Christian brothers in humanity who have chosen on their own free will to trek with us today.

“This is not the first time they have identified themselves with Imam Husain(AS), they have done it before and we thankfully welcome them.

“This is the handiwork of Allah. No one forced us to embark on the trek, it is out of free will and love for the Family of the Prophet(S). We pray that Allah thwart and frustrate the evil plans of the oppressors against us as he has done it in the past,” he said

According to Mainasara, the fortieth day (Arbaeen) commemoration after the martyrdom of Imam Husain, the Grandson of Prophet Muhammad (SAWA), is commemorated annually by the Islamic movement, following a symbolic trek by millions of people from across the country.

“This year’s Arba’een symbolic trek started since Sunday in Pambegua, while that of Kano, Funtua, Malumfshi and Kaduna holds yesterday Monday and ended Peacefully.

“The commemoration continues today here around Abuja and is to be concluded tomorrow God willing. Thousands of people marched from New Nyanya in Mararaba, Abuja-Keffi express way and also in Suleja.

“The purpose of the symbolic trek is to recall and experience the trial and tribulation faced by the Household of the Holy Prophet (AS), chained and dragged in a very hot and dry desert, barefoot from Karbala in Iraq to Damascus in Syria after the killing of Imam Husain 61 years after Hijra.

” It was a period of anger and anguish at the perpetrators of injustice not just in the plain of Karbala but the world over,” he said. (Flowerbudnews)

Biola Lawal

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